About Technology RFID Cashless Payment

Event RFID Cashless Payment – High-tech companies, developing sensitive products with sensitive information, cannot allow their security levels to match opportunities. Information stored on portable equipment, including laptops and tablets, is the key to their success and technological breakthrough. The R & D team may have spent months, and sometimes years, in creating this solution – and one competitor’s visit can rearrange it completely.

Let’s take the scenario of a large high-tech company, some high floors, with the number of rooms and thousands of endless laptops in all facilities. Such organizations tend to have hundreds, even thousands of visitors every day. Some may be consultants, some cleaning staff, some business developers, and others are just friends of the employees.

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Every visitor can enter in front, ID cards are exchanged with entrance cards, and free visitors walk in the building. If unaccompanied, the person may start wondering (innocently or not) throughout the facility, arriving in a very sensitive room. This room contains important information for the success of the company so that in the hands of competitors of the company is destroyed.

How security threats are overcome with technology RFID Cashless Payment. The system works in perfect union with the security and regulatory staff facilities. The RFID tag is placed on every portable device that the organization wants to protect. The tags are tamper proof, so if they are removed or damaged, a warning is immediately sent to the security officer – who at this time tells where and which device has been tampered with.

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Another scenario could be the theft of an actual item, without touching the RFID label in it. Once someone tries to move a device outside a certain room, or a pre-defined area, again – this triggers an event. Alarms, SMS, reports can be sent to the security of the facility, informing them of the theft incident.